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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st


LaVie was born in Miami, Florida, Charline. She was raised by her Haitian immigrant parents along with her brother and two sisters. LaVie discovered her love for music at a young age, to which she recalls, “My sister Sandrine and I use to watch Whitney Houston videos on VHS and sing into my mother’s hair brushes”. At the beginning of her career, LaVie collaborated with up and coming Producer/Musician, Stephane Murphy, and began working on original music. In 2009, LaVie, released her first album titled “Life." LaVie has toured major cities including New York City, Boston, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh opening for son of Bob Marley, KyMani Marley, performing for thousands of enthusiastic fans and channeling her Caribbean heritage. From her effervescent stage performances and Neo-Soul/dance fusion tracks, LaVie’s light-hearted, airy quality belies the life that she’s lived to date.

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