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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Bryan Dubrow and the Redbird Ramblers

Led by guitarist (and occasionally mandolinist and banjoist) Bryan Dubrow, the Redbird Ramblers strive to spread their love and appreciation for classic bluegrass music around Miami. The band members have roots in all corners of the country and have come together through Miami’s vibrant music scene and a shared passion for bluegrass and other styles of American roots music. Bryan Dubrow is a multi-instrumentalist in constant search for new musical outlets to explore. After beginning his musical journey on piano, and later tuba, he has performed with groups in styles ranging from death metal to jazz to bluegrass. Bryan attended the University of Miami, where he studied Jazz performance (with a side order of economics) and graduated in 2017. In the years following he has remained in Miami seeking out chances to grow as both a musician and person.

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