Make Music

Instrument Workshops

Each year, Make Music Miami provides music-making activities for the general public on June 21st. This year’s instrument workshops will be conducted by Zoom and feature prominent local musicians and community organizations. Participation in all workshops is free and a limited amount of drum sticks, pBuzz plastic trombones and harmonicas will be available for pickup prior to June 21. Registration is mandatory.

Harmonica Essentials with Eric Garcia of JUke

Eric Garcia, frontman of JUke and the personality behind Uncle SCotchy will lead a workshop on the basics of the harmonica, AKA the mouth organ, mouth harp, Hobo Harp, French harp, Reckless Tram, harpoon, tin sandwich, blues harp, Mississippi saxophone, or simply harp. Eric will cover the basics of note making and bending and provide each participant with a little one-on-one instruction. This activity is recommended for all ages, but space is limited. Register for one of three, 15-minute sessions via the buttons below:

11:00AM EST 11:20AM EST 11:40AM EST


I Feel Good About pBuzz with Arno Tri Pramudia

New World Symphony Trombonist Arno Tri Pramudia leads a workshop on the fundamentals of brass instruments using the pBuzz, an innovative learning instrument by Warwick Music. The pBuzz, a plastic trombone/trumpet, uses the same mechanics as traditional brass instruments without the expense and maintenance. Arno will cover topics including embouchure, dynamics, pitch and note length to help get you making music on June 21st for Make Music Day. Space is limited. Recommended for children aged 5-10. Register for one of two, 45-minute sessions via the buttons below:

12:00PM EST 2:00PM EST


Drumming Fundamentals with Brandon Cruz

Brandon Cruz, Executive Director of the South Florida Center for Percussive Arts, leads an introduction to drumming fundamentals. A certain number of free stick pairs will be available for pick up at SFCPA prior to June 21. Space is limited and registration is mandatory. This class is for kids of all of ages (3-90) and no drums are required. Buckets and tabletops work great!

4:00PM EST