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Contagious Beats

Let’s jam alone together! In this unprecedented time, everyone is discovering new ways to collaborate and share creative ideas. #ContagiousBeats is a way for you to jam along with prominent musicians in the comfort of your home. Stream or download one of the videos below and record your own part to contribute to the mix. On June 21st, we will broadcast the final mashup videos featuring the best contributions from the public. A few notes:

  • Use headphones when making your recording so we have a clean take of your performance without the backing track
  • A smartphone recording is perfectly fine. If you have fancy mics and cameras, use them!
  • Don’t feel like you have to solo the whole time – consider comping or playing backup during sections as well
  • All instruments (including voice) are welcome
  • If the backing track has an established key, best to stick with it
  • You are welcome to upload multiple takes

Upload your finished recording by clicking the button below or email a download link to If you have the skills to combine your recording with the original, please share that as well on social media and tag it with #ContagiousBeats. If you’re a member of band, consider passing the mix along to your other band members like a game of musical telephone. We’re excited to see what you come up with! Thanks for playing.

“Blue Marmelade” (84 BPM) by French pianist Dominique Fillon
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“Patches Beat” by DJ Le Spam of the Spam Allstars
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“Electro Funk Groove” by Emile Milgrim of Las Nubes and Sweat Records
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“Make Music Miami” by Inez Barlatier
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