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It’s time to Make Music Miami!
Miami-Dade County joins the worldwide celebration of music on June 21–

MAKE MUSIC MIAMI brings our city into the global music festival that began as FĂŞTE DE LA MUSIQUE in Paris in 1982 – a celebration to welcome summer with music. Across the world, the Summer Solstice is celebrated with free performances of all kinds of music in all kinds of public spaces.

FĂŞte de la Musique/Make Music Miami has been celebrated in spots since 1997 and went County-wide in 2018! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s festival will take place entirely online in the form of live streamed performances and interactive workshops.

This edition is presented by  Buskerfest MiamiThe Rhythm Foundation, the French Embassy Cultural Services, Miami Design Preservation League and many, many civic partners.

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Special Projects

Are you a go-getter? Do you finish your homework before the due date? Want to take your MMM involvement to the next level? Below are a variety of special projects with brief descriptions that you, dear reader, are invited to organize or to participate. If that’s you, shoot us a line at and let us know which project you are interested and we will help you make it happen.

Flowerpot Music

Music on June 21 can come from anyone, anywhere, and anything – even flowerpots. Flowerpot Music, written by award-winning composer Elliot Cole and directed by percussionist Peter Ferry, is a composition for an unlikely but beautiful percussion instrument – the flowerpot! Bell-like tones are passed from performer to performer in improvised gestures called “blooms” that sweep through the group. The piece is written in simple prose, and can be performed by non-musicians and musicians alike. Groups around the world will assemble on June 21st, with safe social distance, to premiere a special version of the piece “Flowerpot Music: Make Music Day book.” To register for Flowerpot Music at Shenandoah Park, fill out this brief registration form:


This Moment In Time

The world has endured a tragic year. Millions have died from COVID-19, and social, cultural, and economic life has been curtailed everywhere.

With vaccinations accelerating, life in many places is on the road back to normal. But before life can feel truly normal, we must memorialize the devastation of the past year. Our response is an initiative called This Moment In Time.

Working with musicians and cultural partners around the world, massive gongs will appear in public spaces on June 21, the summer solstice. At noon local time, a celebrated local musician will play the gong for one uninterrupted hour, marking the incalculable loss of the past year. Along with being free and open to a live audience, these performances will be livestreamed on our website.

Afterwards, in many locations the public will be invited to come up to each gong and play it themselves, hearing the unfathomable mystery of the sound, experiencing the cathartic feeling of hitting something massive, and feeling the deep therapeutic vibrations in their bodies.

Around the world, gongs traditionally mark a moment in time – whether announcing Napoleon’s funeral procession, the arrival of a Chinese dignitary, the start of a sumo wrestling contest, or the serving of dinner in a British mansion. For everyone joining or witnessing this event on June 21, 2021, This Moment In Time will mark the losses of the pandemic, but also the beginning of a new era in sight.


MixMash Studios

MixMash Studios brings together music makers and sound samplers from across the globe to create new and imaginative compositions.

Building on several previous Make Music Day projects – Street Studio CitiesBedroom Studios, and Lockdown Sound Challenge – MixMash Studios will invite people around the world to contribute samples between June 6 – June 20, 2021. Everyone is invited to send in short recordings of bass lines, barking dogs, vocals, machine noises, or anything else they find intriguing. Submissions can be uploaded here during the submission period:

Then, on Make Music Miami, producers will have 24 hours to create an original piece of music using only the samples provided, and nothing more. Some producers will take on the additional challenge – and glory – of livestreaming their production process and creating a finished track in just one hour!


This Make Music Miami, artists around the world are invited to the second annual global song swap! Learn a song by another artist, and hear yours covered in return. Songwriters and composers of all styles and walks of life are invited to participate.

In early June, participating artists will be paired together, carefully selected based on the registration form. They’ll have two weeks to learn their partner’s song, and make it their own, before sharing their videos on June 21st! 

Over 200 artists participated in the inaugural #MySongIsYourSong for Make Music Day 2020. Check out all of the amazing songs they recorded by following

#MySongIsYourSong on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram, and check out a few of our favorites below!

Registration is open now until May 31st! CLICK HERE to register!


Leaf Music

All around us, an exquisite musical instrument is hidden in plain sight: the leaf.

In the hands of a master player, a humble tree leaf becomes a reed instrument like no other. Leaf playing has a long history in many nations around the world, including China, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Japan and Nepal. This Make Music Miami we celebrate these traditions, and invite music fans everywhere to find their favorite tree and try the world’s most common uncommon instrument.

Leaf Music programs on June 21 will include an International Leaf Music Symposium over Zoom, a Track Meet featuring leaf musicians, and instructional videos to help you turn your own greenery into a symphony of sound. Zoom registration details are forthcoming.


Music Lesson Marathon

Make Music Miami is the perfect opportunity to shake the dust off your instrument and start playing again, or to pick up an instrument for the first time.

Need a hand? This June 21, national brands and partners will be curating day-long marathons of live, free, online group lessons taught by dozens of master musicians on a wide array of instruments. Jump around to sample different instruments, or binge on your favorite! There will be offerings for all ages, and all skill levels – from beginning to advanced.

Visit this link for a full schedule of lessons for everything from ukulele to JackTrip, all free, all-day on June 21st:

Past and Current Partners

Make Music Miami is made possible through the generous support of the following partners.

Principal Sponsors

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Community Partners


General Info

What is Make Music Miami (MMM)?

MMM is the Miami edition of Make Music Day – a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the FĂŞte de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries.

Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music Miami is open to anyone who wants to take part. Every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — pours onto streets, parks, plazas, and porches to share their music with friends, neighbors, and strangers. All of it is free and open to the public.

When and where will Make Music Miami take place?

MMM will take place on Monday, June 21st, 2021 online and at select locations throughout Miami-Dade County. To register as a Performer or Venue, visit

Where can I watch the live streams?

Most performances will be streamed on the Make Music Miami Facebook event page. There will also be a full program guide published on this site leading up to the festival that will contain links to all scheduled performances.

Why isn’t it always on a weekend?

MMM celebrates the  Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, with music. The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st. June 21st doesn’t always land on a weekend. Think of it like Halloween. Halloween doesn’t always land on a weekend.

Who can participate?

MMM is performed by anyone, enjoyed by everyone – all over Miami. Students, amateurs, part-time professionals, and established artists are all welcome. There is no audition process to be included in the musical merriment and MMM is open to all ages, skill levels, and persuasions of music makers. All you you need to do is sign up and perform.

Performer Info

Where may I perform?

Once you register by creating a profile on, you can browse through all of the Venue listings, find a location that interests you and propose a performance to the Venue operator. If you’d like to create your own event without the participation of a Venue, you can do that as well through the matchmaking system dashboard.

How long will each performance last?

That is up to you and the Venue to negotiate. We don’t put any restrictions on you (or them)! Just be careful not to overbook yourself.

What if a band signs up now, and has to back out later?

Please thoroughly consider a performance opportunity before confirming it. If you sign up and cancel last minute, that means that a spot that could be utilized by another performer will go unused. 

Are there restrictions on performances?

In some cases, yes. Read the details of each venue closely before proposing a performance. Not all locations have electricity or equipment. Some don’t allow amplification of any kind. Read the fine print ;-).

Is equipment provided?

MMM is not a typical music festival. It is a DIY opportunity for people to be creative about putting together their own musical events. The organizers set up the framework for concerts — the rest is up to you! Artists and locations collaborate to produce the events, provide electricity, if needed, and provide any necessary equipment.

Will there be a main stage?

No, but there are several large activations that will be featured on the Make Music Miami Facebook event page.

Will I be paid to perform?

MMM is a countywide celebration of summer and part of an international movement. As is the case with other cities around the world, our contribution is setting up the framework for performances by securing permits, coordinating the activities, publicizing the event county-wide with local media, an interactive website, and promoting recruitment of artists and venues.

Participation at any level, as a musician, host, or spectator is voluntary. This allows musicians of all skill levels the opportunity to come out and perform in public if they wish. While most performers volunteer their time and talents, both venues and musicians are welcome to seek outside sponsorship and support if they so choose. 

Can I charge admission for a Day of Music Fullerton concert?

No. All MMM concerts are free and open to the public.

Can I have my event indoors?

Yes. It’s Miami in summer. It’s gonna rain, but only for 30 minutes. Performing outside is highly encouraged as well.

Matchmaking Software and Making Matches Info

How do I sign up to perform / host a concert?

Musicians and venues use our registration and matchmaking tool ( in order to register and make concert arrangements with each other.

If you encounter problems, please contact us at and we’ll work through the problem together.

The matchmaking software asks for my facebook and website addresses. I don’t have facebook or a website. Does this mean I can’t register?

Facebook or a website is not required. We ask for the links to allow potential venues and performers to learn more about each other before committing to the match. After matchmaking is complete, our website will allow prospective audiences to sample your work and allow you to promote yourself. If you incorrectly enter information in these boxes, you won’t be allowed to continue. Information entered should be accurate, or the box should be left blank.

I’m a Venue. Why is there a check box that says “Accepting requests from artists to perform here?” I wouldn’t be signing up if I weren’t accepting performers.

When your venue is full, you will un-check this box. We’ll see your venue, and performance schedule, and see that it is full.

Why am I restricted to three choices for the type of music I perform or that my venue will accept?

This arbitrary limit is to make finding the right match easier. Use the “Other” choice and the description box to override this limitation. Then, you can tell us about your music styling in the description box. If you represent a venue open to all types of music- just say so in your description.

I see there is a box asking me how I will promote my performance and I have no idea how to promote my performance. Do I need to promote my performance or venue to participate?

Everyone who signs up on our matchmaking website should describe what they will do for promotion. We are counting on musicians and locations to promote their own shows, in all the ways that they normally would — sending out email blasts, putting notices on websites, texting all of their friends, etc. Maybe for you, promotion means telling your best friend and your Aunt Mary about your performance. That’s fine. If you DO know a lot about music promotion, this is a great opportunity to volunteer.

What will Make Music Miami do to help promote my concert?

We will list all concerts on the MMM website (with descriptions and links to artist websites, where available), and we’ll pitch stories about noteworthy concerts to the press. MMM neighborhood organizers also will promote the performances in their area with fliers, posters, etc.

I’ve signed up as an artist or a venue and I’m ready to make a match. Can you break down the approval process in the software for me?

You can see all of the details on any artist or performer who fits your search criteria from either the browse or account pages. Use the box with the drop down menus labeled “venue type”, “neighborhood” and “electricity” to narrow your choices. Use the small triangle to the left of the name of the artist or venue to see all of the details on that option. You can see all available venues and performers by selecting the browse feature, but the matchmaking actually happens on your account page.

I’ve looked at all of my options and chosen some possible venues or musicians. What happens now?

After you make a choice, that choice will receive an email to notify them. Then both sides need to confirm, modify or decline the opportunity. If you wish to modify, you should contact the other party to resolve the problem. When you agree on a match it will be recorded, and then MMM will then examine and send final approval to both parties. Before approval by artist, venue and the webmaster, your desired match will appear on your “Account” page under “My Performances”; note that until all three parties have approved, the match is “pending confirmation”. After approval by artist, venue, and MMM, the match will be recorded at “Performances”.

We completed our matchmaking last week, but our completed match still says “Pending Confirmation”. What gives?

MMM must confirm each performance before it is final. In most cases MMM will confirm your performance and venue match within two weeks. To allow for an ample assortment of musicians to fill out our matchmaking inventory, we will not begin confirming most matches before April 1st. If your venue and performer are certain you have a firm commitment, there is no need to worry, you are going steady and we will not force a break up.

Do I need to check in with my “Account” page to see if there are any pending matches?

No worries. When someone requests a match, you will be emailed a notification to login and check the match.

Let’s say I signed up two weeks ago as either a venue or a performer and no one has picked my venue/performance. When should I start to worry?

It may take time to make a match. Keep in mind that the registration will be open until June 14th, so new musicians and venues will be appearing over the entire time period. If you don’t see what you want today, come back at another time. Or, be creative in your matchmaking. Venues may contact musicians not already registered in the matchmaking software to ask them to sign up. Likewise, performers may contact venues where they’d like to perform and ask them to sign up as venues. Also consider that venues can be almost any public place in Miami where people can gather without impeding traffic. The playground down the street, the pet store’s parking lot, the plaza outside your office building could all be venues.

My performance was denied. Why?

Some reasons for a denial might be because the venue’s time slots all have been filled, or the venue cannot accommodate your type of music or number of performers. Don’t despair, try to find another match.

A venue or performer wants to modify my request for a match. What is required of me now?

The modify request in our matchmaking software is there to set up a performance schedule that works for both the venue and performer. If a request needs to be modified in some way other than time, you will need to contact the other party to work through details of the modification.

Other Participation Info

Who organizes this event?

Launched in 2018, Make Music Miami, a collective of Miami-based organizations, joins an informal confederation of over 700 cities worldwide in creating opportunities for all stripes of music makers to take to the streets to celebrate the summer solstice. Volunteer organizers in Miami will work throughout the city to help recruit musicians and venues, handle permits, and promote the concerts.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

There are lots of ways to volunteer. Contact us at and we’ll run the options by you.

Can I donate to Make Music Miami?

We’re glad you asked! Contributions can be made online and are 100% tax-deductible. If you are interested in becoming a Make Music Miami sponsor, please contact us at


Have Questions?

For general inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please email

For more information about the national Make Music Day, visit