Make Music

Special Projects

Are you a go-getter? Do you finish your homework before the due date? Want to take your MMM involvement to the next level? Below are a variety of special projects with brief descriptions that are in need of a coordinator. If that’s you, shoot us a line at and let us know which project you are interested and we will help you make it happen.

Mobile Karaoke

Miami is short on quality karaoke spots. Let’s give the people what they want! Using a battery powered PA system and a pair of musicians, travel around Miami on June 21 with a mobile rig in the back of a pick-up truck or van for impromptu, street-side jamming.

Street Studios

If you dig found sounds and beat making, this project’s for you. Set up a small laptop-powered studio and invite passersby to help build an ever evolving loop of natural (and unnatural) sounds. We’ll publish your masterpiece(s) on the MMM website so everyone can enjoy the fun beyond June 21.

Heart Chant

This participatory choral piece by composer Pauline Oliveros involves standing in a connected circle, and singing the syllable “AH” in any pitch that will resonate with your heart and the hearts of others, creating a spontaneous weaving of harmonies. Prizes will be awarded to the group that performs Heart Chant in the most ‘unique’ venue. Pics or it didn’t happen. Full instructions are available on request.

Bands Undercover

On June 21st, bands around the world will take to the streets to cover each other’s music, and live stream their shows in a unique musical conversation. All creators of original music are welcome — from solo singer-songwriters and electronic music producers, to metal bands, brass ensembles, choirs or traditional folk instruments. The only requirement is that you write original music of your own, and that you’re excited about covering someone else’s! It will take time to learn new, unfamiliar music, and we ask that every registrant carefully consider this commitment. To register, submit a brief application here:

Drum Set Duo

A professional drummer sets up two kits, one for themselves and another for anyone who passes by to join in a spontaneous drum set duo. Participants may be receiving their first-ever, five-minute drum lesson, or they may be a seasoned professional stopping in for a drum battle – all are welcome.